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Need Help Managing "Stuff"?

Call the Dynamic Duo!
Downsizing & Packing Assistance:

We can help you sort, organize, decide what you want to keep, and where the rest should go, with great care for your feelings and needs.

Physically serving St. Louis City & County, and St. Charles County, Missouri. We also have technology tools to help far flung families connect with the stuff and the stories they care about (and also be confident in letting go of what they don't want!).

Inventory, Sort, Pack, or Disperse... helping you decide what you want, and where it all goes!
Estate Services: 

Do you have a house full of "stuff" to clear out? Not sure what's there and how to deal with it? Are you overwhelmed? We can help you manage it; figure out what's there, and consider options on where it could go. Then help you get it OUT of there!


We'll help you decide whether you want to sell items or donate them, then assist with those steps.


Online tools can assist far-flung families who aren't in the St. Louis, Missouri metro area to sort through all of their loved ones' things. Minimize the time, energy and money it would take for you or other family members to come to St. Louis and go thru things.


We also keep waste-minimization top of mind, maximizing recycling and re-use as much as is practical. 


"D3 is a godsend. They underpromise and overdeliver, are efficient, communicative, helpful, and their sense of humor made the process enjoyable!" 

Amy S., St. Louis

Words can never express the gratitude I feel about finding you! As I unwrap my belongings that you so lovingly boxed, a smile crosses my face. 

You made a huge, positive difference in this person's life. 

Karen E., St. Louis

Helping you figure out what you have, who wants it,
and getting it to them.
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