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Eco-friendly, Supportive & Practical -- that's ESP!


Eco-friendly (in many ways!) 

We want to help you get rid of the stuff you don't want, and keep it out of the landfill if at all possible. We have extensive knowledge about options on how to divest yourself of "stuff"

If you think some things have value, we can line up an appraiser or assist with deciding what things should go into an estate sale (We don't run estate sales, but can refer you to some local companies). We can sell collections and smaller items of value for a commission. We have sold more than $10,000 worth of items on different online sites recently.


If you just want get rid of stuff, we'll give you lots of options. We will ask you what charities you might prefer to support, then discuss a range options on where to donate or recycle items.

For out-of-town family members, our on-line tools can help with decision making, adding confidence when the decision makers aren't on site. We have shared photos and stories of family heirlooms with relatives around the country, and find the connections can provide some comfort to the whole family. These tools can also save time and travel expenses, and reduce environmental impact.

We can put photos on a private webpage where family members can view, comment on, "tell a story" about items, or even "vote" or "bid" on who gets what. We can conduct a Facebook live or Zoom conference to work through certain types of things. And, if family dynamics require them, there are several more options which we can set up to help the family, or the executor, negotiate distribution of items.


Downsizing can be hard, emotionally and physically.

Cleaning out a loved one's belongings (or even your own things!) can be full of surprises -- on a spectrum from delightful to depressing. Some family members might have differing ideas on how to manage things. We know about these kinds of issues, we've witnessed them.

We are not therapists, but we help our clients process "stuff" and stay focused on the outcome.

We know it is highly important to respect your wishes, while guiding you towards your goals. We will ask you questions to make sure we're following your wishes, and check in frequently.


Whether we just consult with you to get you started, or we take on the whole clean-out and do it for you, we will save you time and energy. 

If you have a deadline to clear out a place, we can bring in extra hands to help make it happen.

And we don't get carried away with our whole-hearted eco-friendly philosophy. We will tell you (if needed!) -- you just have to let some things go to the dump.

"The owner of Dynamic Duo Downsizing & Estate Services provided much-needed relief when I was attempting to quickly redistribute our parents' wealth of accumulated collectibles, household goods and just plain stuff.


Finding places for things to go, and knowing what could be recycled in a community unfamiliar to me was over-whelming; having someone who knew what to do and gently helped me make decisions was wonderful during an uncomfortable and challenging time.

I highly recommend this company to anyone in need of help in the midst of a loss, not sure what to do with anything from furniture and fuzzy photos to Tupperware and old videos. "

Emily G., Wyoming

Carolyn Q., North Carolina

"We didn't have time to go through everything when we were in town. So they sent me numerous pictures and descriptions of items, so I could decide what to have them ship to me. They were a Godsend!"

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