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Prices (to Save Your Time & Energy!)

Free Initial Assessment

A phone consult by phone or Zoom for up to 30 minutes is free. Prior to this discussion, it would be helpful if you would:

  • Review our questionnaire, it'll help you consider how you might want us to help.

  • Fill out the questionnaire (it's a fillable PDF) and send it to us if you can.

  • If you cannot, just call one of us to talk through the questions, or schedule a time to talk.

  • Send us photos of the project area (if possible).

First On-Site Assessment

$75 for One Hour. Payable at time of consultation. This fee is "reimbursed" if you hire us for a 10-hour (or more) package -- in other words $75 will be deducted from the cost of your first 10 hours if you buy a package up front.

Basic Rate 

$70 per hour, for one person, for a minimum three-hour shift. (Yes, we are insured and yes, we pay taxes!)

Standard Session Package

$650 for ten total hours. This discounts our basic rate to $65 per person. To get the discount, pay in advance, and we'll schedule your sessions. We prefer payment by check or cash. We can accept Venmo, but please note we ask you to pay the Venmo fee, about 2.5%.

Big Project Package Rate: $3,500 for 60 hours

Pay in advance, book the first three sessions and use within 45 days. This is for concentrated projects that you want to have completed quickly, like a whole- house declutter or downsize, or a pack/move project. 

You'll get a 16% discount, and save $700.* 

The Duo can be booked at a pace you are comfortable with. Sessions may be booked for consecutive dates if available.

*Savings are based on $70 per hour rate.

We can be very flexible to suit your needs, please contact us to discuss! 

One-to-One or Team Approach

As a Duo, the two of us can get tackle a project and get it DONE. But we know there are situations where it might be better for you to work with just one of us at a time. Many variables go into our approach, especially considering your goals energy, timing, and decision making processes.

We have other "hands" on tap if you need a bigger team to expedite the job. And we can assist with making arrangements for reliable movers to augment our work.

We are happy to discuss options to meet your needs.

Area Served & Travel Fees

The Duo works mostly in St. Louis City and County, and St. Charles County, Missouri. Projects outside of these counties may be negotiated.

Travel greater than 15 miles from Olive Boulevard and I-170 in mid-county St. Louis, Missouri is billed at the rate of $0.65 per mile plus time at $35 per hour.


Please provide us with more than 36 hours notice if you need to cancel. Upon your second cancellation providing fewer than 36 hours, payment will be required in advance. This payment will be forfeited if there is a subsequent cancellation providing fewer than 24 hours.

We do not run Estate Sales, but we do frequently sell small collections for a commission.
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