About the Dynamic Duo!

Kathy LeDuc
Sister #2

Kathy was a delivery driver for FedEX for many years. That experience taught her many things about packing, shipping and efficiency. Her dependable, positive can-do energy gets the job done!

She is great at helping you decide what goes where, then how to get it there the best way.

Kathy also has a degree in horticulture, so if you have plant issues, there's a good chance she'll be able to consult with you about them too!

Laura Neuman-Howe

Sister #1

Laura has been an organizer with a specialization in caring for environmental impact and non-profit organizations for a long time. If something can be recycled, repurposed, or useful to someone else, Laura is great at recommending options.

She also put a lot of tech tools in the Duo's "toolbox" to help families share information -- descriptions and photos of items -- along with tools to help you manage out who wants what, and then decide who gets what easily, no matter where they are located.

Laura NOV 2020.jpg
Both are members of, and working on certification with the National Association of Productivity & Organizing.
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